Variety is the spice of life, and trying different things keeps the day in and day out more interesting. Awesome stuff like our tasty snacks which are guaranteed to keep your taste buds titilated, yearning for more even long after it's all gone [frowny face, frowny face]. Leaving you simply reminisce about that last piece of meaty goodness...and until you meat again.

So smile and snag a Variety Pack of Shurky Jurky featuring free-range, butcher-grade beef, pork, and turkey! You will receive one Small Bag (2oz) of each type of meat (sorry, no substitutions).

Featuring our Traditional Smoked Flavoring!

Free-range clean meats.
Flavored with real fruit using fresh pineapple.
No non-natural flavorings.
No sugar.
No additives.
No preservatives.
No bull!

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