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Mike & Meg are a husband-and-wife team that co-founded Shurky Jurky in 2010. Our love, collaboration and cooperation are the inspiration and drive behind the recipe’s inception. As passionate people, we poured ourselves and our livelihood into creating something truly unique and the output is the proprietary marinade that makes Shurky Jurky truly original…a one-of-a-kind recipe like no other.

Mike Shur, Head Jerkmaster, CEO & CFO - The Gymnast

Mike Shur Founder of Shurky JurkyMike is bold & spicy, and thrives under challenge. A reformed investment banker, turned social entrepreneur, Mike found his passion in jerky, smoked ("scary") meats, and pickled ("really scary") veg. Thanks, in part, to his Siberian heritage. When not busy perfecting the craft, he likes to enjoy sauerkraut, paleo donuts and great coffee, usually after a good CrossFit WOD. And, when not exercising his doughnut addiction, Mike loves to inspire greatness in others by helping them reach their true potential. Mike aspires to hike Machu Picchu with Meg. View Mike Shur's profile on LinkedIn  

Meg Stack, Chief Firecracker, COO - The Workhorse

Meg Shur Co-Founder of Shurky JurkyMeg is hot & sweet, and likes to inspire a challenge. A Vermont native and a practicing, full-time Oregon family nurse practitioner, Meg is a lover of souls and people. Not only does she keep the fire in the kitchen burning, but she's also the brainchild behind our masterful house marinade. She enjoys "playing the game", Words With Friends, coordination tactics, strategy, sharing time with friends & family, and cultivating an edible garden. She can be frequently found making fresh juice or homemade popcorn, sometimes both! Meg loves all things nature and outdoors. An avid skiier, she is also training for a half marathon.  

Moojie Cat, Quality Controls & Assurance - The Mascot

Shurky Jurky Pet CatMoojie (pronounced "moo-jee") is simply magnificent & delightful. Part Maine Coon, part Meat Lover, she personally taste approves each batch of Shurky Jurky to make sure it's safe for your beloved pet (yes, we bring it home for her). But we didn't put her up to it, she simply insists and we oblige (we know what's good for us!). When it comes to quality, Moojie knows meat and won't think twice about sauntering away from a piece that's just not up to Purrr. When she's not busy "working", napping or "helping", Moojie is around to head bang and cuddle.  

Brandon Packman, VP Bus. Dev., PNW - The Road Warrior

Brandon Packman VP Biz DevBrandon is affable and conscientious. A natural listener, he is dedicated to fostering meaningful relationships based on mutual exchange. A gnarly skier and a native of Portland, Oregon, Brandon loves the PNW and enjoys meeting new and interesting people during his travels on the road. It's uncanny, but when you meet Brandon, you might feel like you've made a new friend for life. He is a foodie, beverage enthusiast and lover of all things craft. Brandon is based in Bend, Oregon and likes to spend time outdoors with his wife Annie and their hotdog Oscar. View Brandon Packman's profile on LinkedIn