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Quality Meats used for JerkyShurky Jurky is serving up quality with more real meat protein and less water per weight (gram or ounce). Each bite is densely packed with more real animal protein and less crap. That's because we dry more moisture out of our meats and don't add any of the things you want to avoid. The result is a naturally preserved jerky that doesn't require the use of dessicant dry-packs (silica gel used to absorb moisture) to artificially maintain "freshness". We've all seen these silica gel packs marked "DO NOT EAT" in our packaged foods. You won't find them in ours...we don't need them! Shurky Jurky uses non-processed free-range meats and provides you with our Classic Home Style, Rip Tear JerkyTM. Each batch is specially handcrafted using quality meats to bring you that tasty combination of traditional western style jerky flavor and texture that you've been missing. Our gourmet jerky is meant to be enjoyed by tearing with your hands. Just pull, rip and chew. Savor and enjoy! We offer premium beef, pork, turkey and bison*. All fresh, high quality cuts, with the fat trimmed, always. Our goal is to source our quality meats from local farms and ranches which follow organic practices that preclude the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones and routine antibiotics in their operations.** Current operations rely on all-natural products made from free-range meats raised and sourced in the Pacific NW.***

Our Style is Truly A Cut Above

Our Company's goal is to provide all natural products that were raised and finished in the majestic Pacific Northwest. We aspire to bring you these clean lifestyle products so you can focus on your personal, nutritional wellness.


beefOur flagship beef jerky is made of butcher-grade beef that is locally sourced. Our beef comes from natural, pasture raised cattle that consumed pesticide-free and chemical-free grass. These cattle grazed on grass in the majestic hills of the Pacific NW. Being grass-fed & grass-finished, they never saw the inside of a feed lot, and their beef does not contain any antibiotics or hormones.
  • Beef born, raised and processed in the Pacific NW
  • No added hormones
  • No added antibiotics
  • Pasture-raised & grass-fed
  • Processed in a USDA facility in Oregon


porkOur pork jerky is made from old fashioned butcher-grade pork. We aim to source the pork for our jerky from local family farms located in Oregon. The pork we use is fresh & natural. These pigs are free-range, consume non-GMO grains, and never feed on animal proteins or hormones. Their pork contains no artificial ingredients and no chemical preservatives.
  • Fresh and natural pork raised and processed in Oregon
  • No hormones
  • No animal proteins
  • No added preservatives
  • Pasture-raised & grain-fed
  • Processed in a USDA facility in Oregon


turkeyOur turkey jerky uses traditional butcher-grade, free-range turkey, sourced from nearby family-operated poultry farms located in Oregon and Washington. These free-range birds are humanely-raised seasonally outdoors, on pasture.
  • All natural turkey raised on pasture
  • No antibiotics
  • No steroids or growth hormones
  • No added preservatives
  • Free-range, pasture-raised
  • Processed in a USDA facility in Oregon


bisonOur bison jerky is handcrafted from traditional butcher-grade buffalo. We aim to source our premier, lean bison meat from a ranch in-state which raises 100% grass-fed buffalo. The ranch partner identified for our bison jerky is committed to raising premium quality buffalo meat in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way. These bison are 100% pasture-raised for their entire lives, grazing on Certified Organic Pastures and hay that has not been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. No antibiotics or hormones are used in producing this bison meat.
  • Ranch buffalo are 100% grass-fed for lifetime
  • No herbicides or pesticides
  • No antibiotics or hormones
  • Premium quality, 100% grass-fed
  • Processed in a USDA facility in Oregon

*The livestock meats used in our jerky, including beef, pork, and turkey were processed in a USDA facility. **These livestock meats are not certified organic. Our sourcing partners cultivate meats using natural, organic practices. ***Our current operations rely on free-range livestock and bison. Plans are underway to distinguish between our all-natural, locally raised beef which is 100% pasture-raised vs. grass-fed & non-GMO grain-finished.