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This is our product comparison page. By now, you're likely wondering, "what is it that makes Shurky Jurky so distinct"?




shurky-white no-meat-candy
"Meat Your Taste Buds" "Meet Montezuma's Revenge"
Handmade made from scratch Processed and made with a bunch of junk
Lots of TLC - just like Mom's apple pie It ain't got no love - in fact - where is the love?
Unprocessed lean muscle - YUM! Processed fatty meats that are pieced back together - YUCK!
No sugar added Lots of sugar, syrup, molasses…I can't pronounce that word…
Contains real fruit - yes, pineapple! YUMM! Contains real chemicals - things you don't want to eat! YUCKK!
Tastes like real meat because we use real meat Tastes like roadkill because it might actually be roadkill - we're not sure ;-)
- Whoops we kind of said that already…because it's important! - This "meat" is sliced, clumped, glued and re-packaged
No fake after-taste All you can taste is the fake after-taste
Clean flavor profile Genetically modified flavor profile
Gently nudges and tickles your taste buds Slaps you in the mouth, so naturally, you spit it out…
Shareable with friends of all ages and genders Your girlfriend would rather starve than eat this crap
nutrional-values fat-active

Our handcrafted gourmet jerky packs a serious dose of portable protein that's both nutritious and delicious!