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We want you to grow healthy. And for us, it's all about our well-being. That's why we use non-GMO ingredients to bring you our brand new take on this simple snack! Pineapple ingredient That's why the staple ingredient in Shurky Jurky’s artisan handmade jerky is a healthy amount of pineapple. Fresh pineapple is Nature's Healing Fruit and gives your body a boost in health and aides the body’s natural healing process. The bromelain enzyme contained in fresh pineapple can relieve indigestion and helps break down the amino acid bonds in proteins, which promotes good digestion. Pineapple also provides an ample supply of vitamin C which helps build and repair bodily tissue and promotes wound healing. And due to its high vitamin C content, pineapple is good for your oral health too. But perhaps most importantly, the pineapple is a great natural source of fructose and simply tastes great. A little bit goes a long way to keep you energized, healthy and on the run. Learn more about why pineapple is considered to be Nature's Healing Fruit.

Real. INGREDIENTS. Seriously.

Butcher Grade & Fresh Meat When we say all-natural. That’s exactly what we mean! Shurky Jurky features sustainably sourced FREE-RANGE beef, pork, turkey & bison raised in the Pacific NW. Flavored with real fruit using fresh pineapple. Unprocessed animal muscle. No additives. No preservatives. No refined sugar added. No non-natural flavorings. No bull! That's right. Our products are as real as the people who craft them. Ingredients: Pacific NW meat, fresh pineapple, vinegar, anchovy paste, various spices including black pepper, cayenne pepper, guajillo chili pepper, onion, garlic, tamarind, and smoked paprika; and either (i) Bragg Liquid Aminos (Traditional Marinade) or (ii) Coconut Secret Aminos (Whole30 Marinade).

Superior. SPICES.

Spices Our spices are directly sourced locally from a Portland-based importer. When it comes to quality spices, they are an industry leader and pay special attention to food safety. Our spice partners pride themselves on the procurement process by which their team travels all over the world in order to find the highest quality products. From black pepper and cayenne pepper to ginger powder and tamarind...it is these high quality spices that produce much of the fresh taste attributed to Shurky Jurky.

More PROTEIN. Less SUGAR. Fewer CARBS. And Lower SODIUM.


Shurky Jurky is high in protein and low in sugar. Because we extract more moisture from our marinaded meats during the dehydration process, you get more concentrated real animal protein in every bite. It's true that Shurky Jurky has more protein per gram or ounce than most other dried meat snacks on the market, despite their loosely regulated nutritional claims. And since we do not use any refined sugars in our process, and only rely on fresh pineapple in our products, Shurky Jurky has less sugar than other jerky as well. On the flip side, since we use Bragg Liquid Aminos and Coconut Aminos, and not soy sauce, in our proprietary marinade, Shurky Jurky contains far less salt content than traditional dried meat snacks. These liquid aminos contain 4-8x less sodium than reduced sodium or regular soy sauce which are key ingredients in most jerky. The bottom line is that we created Shurky Jurky to address all the health issues with meat snacks in today's marketplace. We're serious about nutrition which is why the end result for us is important. We deliver a high quality product with lower sugar, fewer carbs, less sodium and higher protein. And as "icing on the cake", each bite of Shurky Jurky is also packed with Vitamins A, C, B2, B3, B6, & B12, as well as Iron and Zinc. And while our Bison and Pork products contain a healthy amount of Phosphorus, our Turkey jerky contains absolutely ZERO Phosphorus!


Shurky Jurky has the added benefit of being naturally preserved by the whole pineapple contained in our proprietary marinade. And our aim is to only use quality meats that do not contain any chemical food preservatives. Frequently, the terms sulfate and nitrate are confused with sulfite and nitrite, preservatives used in a variety of foods, but they are not the same. Sulfate and nitrate are both chemical compounds often found in drinking water and foods. Sulfates are mineral salts that contain sulfur and often occur naturally in food and water. They differ from sulfites which are a type of sulfur chemical used as a food preservative. Similarly, nitrites are also used to preserve food while nitrates are fertilizers commonly used for growing various crops. And these two nitrogen-oxygen compounds are also really quite different. Learn more about Sulfites & Nitrites. We're dedicated to our health, and yours. A Small Bag of Shurky Jurky is 2oz and a Big Bag provides 16oz (that's one lb) of jerky goodness!



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