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For most people our marinade is enough flavoring to enjoy as a smoked meat product. For the rest who like a little spice, we offer a variety of spices and seasoning for your beef, turkey, pork, or bison jerky. Welcome to the JURKY REVOLUTION...

Our Gourmet Flavors

We offer radically unique, gourmet-grade flavors including Traditional Smoked, Black Peppered, Spicy Hot, Guajillo Chilé and Asian Sesame. As well as our seasonal Chocolate Cherry Beef! All of our flavors are sticky-free and we hope you find them satiating:
  1. traditional beef jerky flavorTraditional Smoked #1 (NOW AVAILABLE!) – just our best rip tear jerky. Ready, willing, able and completely naked. Really! No frills, just, good ol’, quality meats.
  3. traditional beef jerky flavorGuajillo Chilé #2 (coming soon...) – this sublime Mexican chili pepper is mild, sweet and tangy with a back-loaded spice profile that’s very forgiving. It’s our favorite.
  5. traditional beef jerky flavorRed Hot #3 (coming soon...) – we kicked it up a few notches for those who like some real heat. This baby is spicy hot! The flakes of the red hot chili pepper adorning our jerky are sure to make you sweat, even if just for a short while. Burn baby, burn.
  7. traditional beef jerky flavorBlack Peppered #4 (coming soon...) – for those who like it black, we topped it with a sprinkle of coarse black pepper. Perfectly peppered, not too spicy, not too hot, kind of like goldilocks, done just right. Or is it so right and yet so wrong.
  9. traditional beef jerky flavorAsian Sesame #5 (coming soon...) – Asian sesame seeds take you on a journey to the old orient with a flavor trip that makes a memorable impact. Bon voyage.
  11. traditional beef jerky flavorChocolate & Cherry #6 (coming back soon...) – what’s better than beef jerky? Chocolate covered, cherry studded beef jerky. All-natural and pasture raised. Our chocolate covered, cherry studded beef jerky is pushing this simple snack to new, mouthwatering levels.